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What is Geothermal Drilling?


Geothermal is a renewable cost saving heat energy and cooling system. Using the earths natural heat to heat water for your heating system, you can save between 20 – 70% on traditional methods to heat your home or business.

We drill Geothermal wells for:

    • Domestic Houses
    • Apartment Blocks
    • Office Blocks
    • Hotels
    • Factories
    • Swimming Pools

We will be happy to arrange a site visit with you to advise on a geothermal system to meet your individual needs.

Geothermal heating/cooling systems can provide comfort to your home year-round both efficiently and affordably, while eliminating the need and cost for any combustion of fossil fuel products in your home.

There are many types of ground source heating systems, and while some are better suited to certain climates than others, a drilled borehole provides the most consistent temperatures available from the earth and, therefore, is the most efficient.

When constructing a drilled borehole, the single most important aspect is the quality of the grouting and the methods used to place it in the borehole.

Grouting is the placement of a low permeability material with reasonable heat transfer properties into the annular space between the borehole and the heat exchange loop.

If a well is not grouted properly, both the economics of the running system and the safety of the surrounding water supply are put in severe danger. Proper grouting involves drilling a clean borehole; placing the exchange pipe (loop) to the proper depth; and pumping grout from the bottom of the borehole to the surface; using a high-pressure piston pump to ensure complete coverage of the loop; and total sealing of any voids and fractures in the ground. This is the area many contractors try to “cheat” when providing pricing to customers.

A low price will always cost more in the long run.


We provide drilling services for:

  • Thermal conductivity testing
  • Standing column geothermal
  • Closed loop geothermal
  • Modified standing column
  • Open loop



Grants are also available for 30% of the total cost of the system, so make sure to consider it if building a new home or upgrading your existing heating system.

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