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Water Well Drilling


We drill water wells to provide a supply of water to meet your needs. We have extensive experience drilling for:

    • Domestic Supply
    • Farm Supply
    • Racing Stables
    • Greyhound Stadiums
    • Racecourses
    • Factories
    • Town Centres
    • County Councils
    • And many more – too numerous to mention!

Please contact us and we will be happy to advise on your individual requirements, and develop the water solution to meet your needs.



Well Redevelopment

Pat and Mark Dempsey Ltd., provide well rehabilitation and well development services to municipalities, residents and businesses trough out the country

A decline in well yield (flow), whether it is a 6″ domestic bedrock well or a large diameter high-capacity screen well can be costly and problematic.¬† However, this condition is very common over the life of some wells.¬†Many times contractors neglect to recommend attempting to repair the well and advise drilling of a new well, often times at a far greater cost than repairing it.

Once the well’s condition has been determined, a viability of cost can be provided to decide which is the most cost-effective method to pursue-cleaning and rehabilitating or drilling a new well.

Well Redevelopment Services:

  • Mechanical surge/pump
  • Chemical treatment
  • High pressure jetting
  • Hydro-flushing
  • Re-drilling
  • Well abandonment – including concrete and Bentonite grouting.
  • System evaluations and maintenance contracts



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